In addition to Fidelity Sports’ care-centered approach, our constant focus each and every day is to work diligently on behalf of our clients. We do this by have a PERSISTENT approach, strong daily work ethic and “never say die” attitude to meet the needs of our clients.

To have a successful career, our experience has clearly indicated that a professional athlete needs a great support system around them including a strong and committed management team that serves as a resource to help them make smart and rational decisions.  While Fidelity Sports will provide valuable marketing and management services, at times, a professional athlete may have a need for other professional services like an accountant, lawyer, tax expert, etc. Here, Fidelity Sports is well positioned to refer such experts to its clients by calling on its 20 years of building relationships with trusted professionals in the sports industry.

Fidelity Sports has not only worked with 4 different major golf championship winners, as well as icons in other sports; but we have also helped athletes to maintain, resurrect and reinvent their athletic careers.  The team at Fidelity Sports will never stop caring for a client; rather we work tirelessly with each client to help them achieve their goals and maximize their careers.